Czech Point

The Office of the City District of Prague 16 is a Czech POINT contact point. It provides authenticated output from the system at two of its branches:

  • on the ground floor of the building at Václava Balého 23/3 in Prague – Radotín (Úsek matrik (Registry Office) at Občansko správní odbor (Department of Civic Administration) 

    Copies of entries provided by: Jana Bartušková, Ilona Čeřovská, Petra Chlubnová
  • and Živnostenský odbor (Trade Department) at Úsek registrace fyzických a právnických osob (Registration of Legal and Natural Persons Section) on the first floor of the building at náměstí Osvoboditelů 21/2a, Prague – Radotín (office numbers 10 – 11):

Logo Czech POINT

Czech POINT currently provides the following documents and services:
  1. Copy of an entry in the Real Estate Cadastre 
  2. Copy of an entry in the Commercial Register
  3. Copy of an entry in the Register of Trades
  4. Copy of an entry in the Criminal Records
  5. Copy of an entry in the Register of Drivers
  6. Copy of an entry in the Register of Insolvency
  7. Setting up a data box (DB)
  8. The addition of an authorised person to access a DB from the Czech POINT system
  9. The authorised conversion of documents delivered to a DB
  10. The acceptance of filings according to the Trade Licensing Act
  11. The issue of authenticated output from the List of Qualified Contractors
  12. Filings in the Register of Participants in the Operation of the Waste Motor Vehicles Module of the Waste Management Information System (ISOH)
  13. Czech POINT E-SHOP – copies of entries sent by post
  14. Entry of information on the loss or theft of a Citizen ID Card in the Citizen ID Card records information system
  15. The issue of a copy of an image from the cadastral map
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