People appreciate the town hall’s work

For a further four years Radotín Town Hall will be led by the Civic Democratic Party (ODS). The local association, Radotín ODS, was a convincing winner in October’s municipal elections receiving 72.36 percent of the votes.

ODS can boast having a bigger victory in only one other place in the Czech Republic: in Líbeznice in Central Bohemia the Civic Democrats won more than 77 percent of votes. “Thank you to the people who voted for us in the elections. The turnout was above average in Radotín, more than 56 percent of eligible voters came to the polls. I take it as appreciation of our work over the last four years. Not only our councillors, but the whole town hall, all its employees, have done good work for our fellow citizens. And this was reflected in the elections. And I believe that we will not disappoint people in the next electoral period either,” Karel Hanzlík, chairman of the ODS Radotín Local Association and Mayor of Prague 16, commented on the outcome of the municipal elections.

In second place in the elections to Prague 16 (Radotín) Town Council was the coalition Together for Radotín, which received just under thirteen percent of votes, in third place was the Czech Pirate Party with eight percent. The Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSČM) got 3.41 % of votes and the Czech Social Democratic Party (ČSSD) 3.22 %.

A single-party council
The election result – a clear victory for ODS - essentially determined the composition of Prague 16 Town Council. There will be 12 ODS representatives, two representatives from the Together for Radotín coalition and one representative of the Pirates sitting on it. Neither the Communist Party nor the Social Democrats made it on to the council. The Social Democrats, though, were defending one mandate from the previous electoral period.

How will the election result affect life in Radotín? 
The leadership of Radotín Town Hall will continue on its current course. ODS officials will again try to carry out its packed election manifesto. The party’s priorities are responsible management and quality services for the population. There will be investments in the construction of a new centre and the completion of flood protection measures. Following the increase in the primary school’s capacity, there are also plans to increase the capacity of pre-school facilities. Early next year, the indoor swimming pool will be open and by the end of 2019 the volunteer firefighters and the Czech Police will have new premises.

Karel Hanzlík“We want to pay close attention to security in Radotín. Due to the long-term shortage of police officers in the capital city, and also in our city district, we are counting on expanding CCTV to other troublesome places. We will also strive to change legislation, not only within Prague City Hall,” said the Mayor of Radotín, Karel Hanzlík. He will have an opportunity to do so - as number “fourteen” on the Civic Democratic Party’s ticket, he has got on to the Prague City Council.

In the coming electoral period a plan should be put in place to build starter homes for young families, which was another election topic of Radotín ODS. Flats will probably be built in Vinohrady. And Radotín will also have new footbridges across the Berounka river, which should be built next year.

Prague 16 (Radotín) councillors for the 2018-2022 period
Fifteen councillors will sit in Radotín town hall with the following composition. The newcomers will be Jan Fleischner, Jakub Mareš and Kateřina Poludová (all ODS), Jan-Matěj Rak for the Together for Radotín coalition and Martin Zelený for the Pirates. The other ten councillors fulfilled this role in the previous electoral period. Five councillors will no longer be working in the town hall. They are Petr Binhack, Jan Stárka, Jaroslav Šindelka (all ODS), Jan Martínek (KDU-ČSL) and Jan Kořínek (ČSSD).

List of council members

Hanzlík Karel Mgr. starosta 234 128 101
Knotek Miroslav Mgr. 1. místostarosta 234 128 107
Šiška Petr Ing. 2. místostarosta 234 128 103
Baráková Simona Bc. radní 234 128 101
Krištof Viktor Ing. MBA radní 234 128 101

List of board members

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