Radotín and COVID-19

Since 10 March 2020, the Czech government has been announcing one restriction after another as a reaction to the occurrence of COVID-19, from school closures, restrictions of movement, to the duty to wear face masks. The majority of shops and services were closed and the restrictions also affected the functioning of the Municipal Office of Prague 16 and all facilities that are administered by this municipal district.

As a reaction to this situation, the Radotín Town Hall, among other things, opened a Distribution Centre where Radotín residents could collect hand sanitizers and face masks, and supported the local businesses by donating them larger quantities of hand sanitizers and forgiving or significantly reducing their three-month rent for the leased premises. Once a week, voluntary firefighters were walking through Radotín and disinfecting public areas such as bus stops, benches or playgrounds, which might pose a potential risk of contracting COVID-19. The Crisis Staff were holding meetings on a regular basis both in-person and online.

Now, in the middle of June, life is going back to normal after more than 3 months, thanks to a positive development of COVID-19 pandemic. The most radical restrictions were first lifted in the Radotín Municipal Office, civic amenity site and the health care centre, and then followed the primary school, kindergarten, sports venues, sports hall, swimming pool and the Radotín Biotope swimming baths. Stricter hygienic requirements issued by the government of the Czech Republic are still in force but the worst is already behind us.

What is the current situation (as of 15 June 2020)?

The Municipal Office of Prague 16 – office hours are the same as they were before the announcement of the state of emergency with no need to make an appointment, however, stricter hygienic requirements such as more frequent clean-ups and sanitizing gels at entrances are still in place; in some workplaces, protective screens have been implemented, and the employees are required to cover their nose and mouth (with a face mask or a scarf…).

The civic amenity site in V Sudech Street – office hours are the same as they were before the announcement of the state of emergency, but only 2 vehicles at a time are allowed in the unloading area while increased hygienic requirements are still in place.

The swimming pool and the Biotope swimming baths – increased hygienic requirements are in force there, but since 8 June visitors are allowed not to wear face masks in the premises (except for the entrance to the building; visitors leave their face masks in their lockers in a changing room). For information on updated opening hours visit https://www.bazenradotin.cz/ and http://biotopradotin.cz/.

Basic school – pupils work in groups of no more than 15 people. Primary school children have in-class teaching, and upper primary school students have homeroom and consultation lessons, and twice a week in-class lessons. The school lunchroom provides lunches in “menuboxes” and delivers them directly to classrooms (primary school), or they can be collected by students at a serving hatch in the school lunchroom (upper primary school).

Local library – opening hours are the same as they were before the announcement of the state of emergency but strict hygienic rules are in place: entrance allowed only with mouth and nose covered (with a face mask or a scarf…), hand sanitizers at the entrance to the building, limited number of readers, designated area for returned books (books are kept here for 24 hours before putting them in their places). From 1 July to 31 August there will be summer holiday opening hours, i.e. Monday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The management of the municipal district, after having considered all the necessary hygienic measures, has decided that the Community Centre U Koruny and the local cinema will remain closed until September. The economic aspect of the operation and anticipated decreased demand for movie screenings during the summer season played an important role in making this decision.
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