The clear-out has begun at Koruna

This year and next year a big change will be made to Radotín’s cultural amenities. The inner courtyard behind Koruna will be transformed into a cultural and community centre, which will not only become a meeting place, but there will also be a project to house and expand the Klement Slavický Elementary Art School, the Halfway House and the Czech Police. 

Vizualizace Kulturně-komunitního centra Koruna

“Instead of the old fire department buildings and the buildings adjacent to the old Koruna building, two new buildings will be created. In the first building on the site of the old fire station, there will be a new station for the Czech Police, which currently has its station in premises on Výpadová Street which are no longer satisfactory and hardly accessible for people, and there will also be new classrooms for music lessons, dance and art for pupils at the elementary art school,” says Mayor Karel Hanzlík.

On the ground floor of the second building there will be a community space, which will be used, for example, for various educational events and gatherings of active pensioners, children waiting for their music lessons, visitors to the theatre and others.

In the other part there will be a space that people can rent for various occasions, such as celebrations, discussions or wedding receptions. 

The Halfway House project will provide a temporary home for eight young people aged 18 to 26, who have left children’s homes and who are interested in the theatre or, for example, play a musical instrument and would like to be actively involved in working with the cultural centre.

Vizualizace Kulturně-komunitního centra Koruna

The total investment will be almost 91 million crowns (excluding VAT), and out of eight applicants the tender for the “Radotín Koruna Centre – construction” was won by the company ALBET stavební, s.r.o.

“The clearing out of the existing buildings and demolition work has been taking place since January, now the foundations of the construction are being laid. The construction site equipment is located on the side of the new fire station in Karlická Street. The construction site traffic will also use the driveway from this side. The whole project should be completed in mid-2021,” concludes Deputy Mayor Miroslav Knotek.

Dvůr u Koruny, vyklízeníDvůr u Koruny, vyklízeníDvůr u Koruny, vyklízeníDvůr u Koruny, vyklízeníDvůr u Koruny, vyklízení

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