Traffic restrictions to optimise the railway are beginning

On March 9, the underpass under the railway bridge in Karlická Street in Radotín will close. The main thoroughfare through Radotín will therefore be closed until 10 December 2020. The restrictions are due to the construction of the “Optimisation of the Prague-Smíchov - Černošice line”. 

“For more than 14 days we have been discussing, evaluating and commenting on suggestions for diversion routes, which were delivered by a professional transport designer hired by the contractor. We realise that we need to be able to present them to the public as soon as possible,” says the Mayor of Prague 16, Karel Hanzlík.

As far as public transport is concerned, the city district is endeavouring to end line 244 at the existing turning point in Vrážská Street (so it would not have to cross the Na Betonce crossing). On the unpaved parking area below Albert supermarket, space could be reserved for a “mini-terminal” for lines 245 (direction Lahovská) and 248 (direction Viničky, Sídliště). The construction of this temporary terminal would avoid the long delays that public transport buses would pick up by crossing the line. The Na Betonce crossing will certainly be one of the busiest places in the whole of Radotín, where tailbacks of stationary vehicles will be formed.

This option, which would reduce the load on the level crossing, is being discussed with the Traffic Inspectorate, Ropid and the Prague Public Transport Company. So far, however, the representatives of the competent authorities have not been convinced of the suitability of the solution, not even during a local investigation, which aimed to determine that it was suitable for public buses to pass through some parts on a street where they do not normally run.

“The good news, especially for schoolchildren and their parents, is that compared to the last time schedule it has been possible to delay the closure of the tunnel under the railway line near the schools leading to the Rozmarýn restaurant and also beyond the pedestrian crossing to the new housing estate until the end of July. According to earlier plans, the builders wanted to close it during March. Thanks to a reassessment of the technological processes, it can be used for more than three months longer,” adds Mayor Hanzlík.

Due to the complications that will also occur for regular pedestrians, discussions are being held with the Prague Municipal Police to secure some of the more problematic places on the proposed diversion routes with police officers. Cooperation has also been arranged with the local primary school regarding recommending suitable routes to Loučanská Street so that the parents of all children attending the school are informed. The information will also include a request that parents, as far as possible, minimise bringing their children to school by car.

Diversion routes in a broader context:

  • Radotín will consequently be divided into North and South (the imaginary dividing line formed by the railway line – North from the railway upwards, South from the railway downwards).

  • For transit traffic, i.e. goods vehicles over 6 tons, Radotín will not be passable. On all key access roads, i.e. in Dobřichovice, on Strakonická from Jíloviště and from the centre of Prague and on the Prague Ring Road, there will be traffic signs warning in advance that Radotín is closed, or impassable.

  • The diversion route for passenger transport, for example from Černošice or Třebotov, ill lead along K Cementárny Street and further on to the Prague Ring Road.

  • The diversion route in the direction from Kosoř will lead one-way along V Sudech Street and then along K Cementárny Street.

  • The diversion route in the direction from Zbraslav will lead along the Prague Ring Road. 

Local diversions: 

  • The level crossing at Na Betonce will be maintained.

  • Another option is to use the tunnel under the railway line on Prvomájová Street. It will be controlled by light signalling equipment.

  • A culvert under the track (the tunnel by the pizzeria) between Karlická Street and Ke Zděři Street will be open until 31 July 2020.
  • The panelled path at Na Rymáni will be closed, entry will be allowed only for the Integrated Rescue System (fire brigade, ambulance, police etc.). 


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